Thought About Selling your Clunker?

If you have a junk car sitting in your yard, have you ever thought about selling it? Seriously, you can receive a decent amount of cash for it if you go through a respectable junk car removal service company. Has this has made you sit up and think? Continue reading this page to find out why your clunker could be useful to someone else.

Many parts are sourced by other car owners, and other materials are recyclable. Not only does this keep businesses going in your area, but it is good for the environment. Which parts are reusable?


You only think about the fenders when your car is brand new or gets damaged. They serve a practical purpose — protect the wheel wells and parts of the undercarriage of a vehicle. Nowadays, the fenders and bumpers are directly connected and make replacing them expensive. Many people seek out used fenders because they know they can get a good deal.


We’ve all seen cars around that are otherwise perfect, minus a cracked, dented, or missing bumper. The bumper for many cars today is a multi-layered group of parts consisting of aluminum, steel, fiberglass composites, and plastic. The amalgamation of these materials helps to lessen damage from low-speed accidents. Depending on the make/model/year of your vehicle, if the bumpers are in a fair condition, someone else could make use of them. They often receive damage in car accidents, so there is always a need for spares.

Wheels and Tires

The entire wheel setup (including rims and tires) can be practical. The more valuable your wheels are (such as aluminum alloy), the more cash you could receive for your car. Even steel wheels are still worth something to someone out there. Large tires, such as from an SUV or truck, are often in high demand on the second-hand market. Like a few other items on this list, the tires and rims could be the difference between someone needing to scrap their vehicle or getting a few more miles out of it. You may not think your cruddy old wheels and rims have much value, but to a car enthusiast or modification specialist, your clunker might have the much-needed parts they want.

There are many other parts your vehicle might have that are useful, but the list is long. If you would like more information from a junk car removal service company, call ASAP Junk Car Removal we travel in and around Dearborn, MI